• Professional Sales Representatives for Corporate Gift & Event Companies

    "Sales success comes down to knowing what you’re going to do, how you’re going to do it, knowing what the results will be BEFORE you do it... and then having the guts to take action every single day." - Kevin M. Downey

  • Results-Oriented Sales & Marketing for Corporate Gift and Event Companies

    If you’ve ever struggled to find new customers, then my team is going to be a "game changer" for you - a turnkey, scalable sales & marketing solution you can count on to get the results you’re looking for. What you get with Kevin M. Downey Sales & Marketing:

    • Full-Time Sales Representative (Including Email Address and Phone Number)
    • Unlimited Prospect Lists (Using My Database of 44 Million Business Contacts in the USA)
    • Automated Email Marketing to Drive Inbound Leads
    • Proven Sales System that Qualifies Leads, and Turns Them into Paying Customers


    My clients span a wide range of products and services from the corporate gift & event industries, including:

    • Foodstuff
    • Bags & Apparel
    • Gourmet Coffee Roasters, Wineries, Breweries & Distilleries
    • Virtual Event Companies & Software
    • Corporate Event & Retreat Facilities

    Transparent Fee Structure with No Surprises

    My program is 100% turnkey and all-inclusive - with no setup fees, or added charges for prospect lists, email marketing, etc.

    • $2,500/mo. Retainer per Full-Time Sales Representative
    • $1,000/mo. Bonus for Meeting Sales Goals

    We are not in the corporate gift industry. Can you help us?

    Absolutely! I offer data procurement - aka prospect lists, business data & email lists - as well as email marketing, and sales recruiting & training for B2B companies. For details, please visit my Rates and Terms of Service.

  • Contact me today to discuss what my team can do for your company...

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    Monday through Friday, 7:30am-4:30pm (Central)
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